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14May2006 [personal]

I've decided to write on this here: I'm looking for work.

I'm currently in my final year of full time study at UTS, and am now in a position where I want to be working part-time, and preferably in short-term positions. I don't expect this situation to change a great deal next year either. For the first half of the year I will be working on my final film project for uni. In the second half, I will no longer be a student, but hope to continue developing my own film and cross-media projects. Ideally, I want to be able to take short term jobs so that I still have time to work on my own projects, some of which may be more or less commercial than others. So I'm getting into the freelance media market.

I have a (rather non-traditional) CV available at, which is where the latest version of this document will always reside. It outlines some of the work I want to be doing, my history and my skills.

I am available for freelance work in film and video (post-production being my speciality, but can also take various development, directing and crew roles), in similar areas in television and advertising, in web design and development. I am particularly interested in cross media work, whether it's branding campaigns that utilise video and web, or film promotions online, or websites with video components.

At the moment I have classes on Wednesday and Thursday so can work part-time or with flexible hours; my final day of classes is June 8, after which I have 7 weeks holidays, so can temporarily take on a full-time load; from late July to early November I will have two or three days a week at uni (days TBC) and can again take a part-time work load.

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