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29Dec2005 [personal]

Am currently in England with Jenni and David and the cousins. Didn't get all the editing finished on my project before leaving, but had lost inspiration in the last couple days and didn't want to lug the laptop around, so will finish it off when I get back to Reims -- have a couple days, it'll work fine...

Christmas here was good, but rather English, and thus, foreign to me. It's been worth it though, having always wanted an 'English' Christmas. No snow here, but still the possibility that it'll come. The ground outside is white with frost anyway.

Have also been working on a redesign for the site. Am not sure I even want to change it, mainly because the rather neutral colour scheme works really well with the randomly-loaded banner photos. A change will mean having only a couple of images with colour schemes to match... Anyway, have some basics uploaded here. Don't click any of the links, I haven't built any other pages... Also just reproduced the text from the last ?bits post; it's not loading from the database just now.

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