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Stories from the Cellar


presented by Sydney Living Museums and Wildwon Projects at Elizabeth Bay House, 23 February 2014; a wonderful mix of personal storytelling and delicious food

  • Light & Shadow
  • Elizabeth Bay House
  • Rabbit
  • Chandelier

(5 photos)

Sydney Harbour 2013


after travelling in October 2013, took a ferry to Manly and rediscovered the beauty of Sydney Harbour

  • Harbour I
  • Harbour II
  • Harbour III
  • Harbour IV

(4 photos)

Hong Kong 2013


Visited Hong Kong in October 2013; amazed by how much it keeps changing

  • Development I
  • Development II
  • Development III
  • From the Peak I

(12 photos)

Shanghai 2013


Travelled to Shanghai in October 2013, and fell in love with the city; it’s a beautiful mix of styles, and a remarkably liveable city, with great civic spirit

  • The Bund I
  • The Bund II
  • The Bund III
  • The Bund IV

(25 photos)

Singapore 2013


Travelled to Singapore in Sept/Oct 2013; an amazing Jungle City, all about the coexistence of the island jungle, the changing climate, and precarious engineering

  • Memorial I
  • Memorial II
  • Memorial III
  • Alien Superstructures

(31 photos)

Vivid — Lighting the Sails 24May2013


This year’s lights on the Opera House aren’t quite as good as last’s, but still lots of beautiful colours and the play of light; tried out the new camera to also play with light

  • Vivid — Press Play
  • Vivid — Before the Light
  • Vivid — Light of Sound I
  • Vivid — Light of Sound II

(17 photos)

Edinburgh 2011 — A Dream in Masonry and Living Rock


Robert Louis Stevenson described the city as “a dream in masonry and living rock”; the quote seemed apt as I wandered the city’s streets for a few days in early March 2011, everywhere the influence of the mountains and their exposed rock and the dark local stone that looks so different to the other western European cities I’m used to.

  • Edinburgh Steps
  • Edinburgh Castle I
  • Edinburgh Hub
  • Edinburgh Castle VI

(28 photos)

Paris 2011 Part II


A few final photos from Paris, late February 2011

  • Paris XVI — St Sulpice
  • Paris XVII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XVIII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XIX — Canal St Martin

(7 photos)

Reims 2011 — A City That Never Was


Revisited Reims in February 2011; snapped photos of a few familiar sights, and many unfamiliar, the city going through a process of renewal that tries to establish a false history for itself.

  • Reims Tramway I
  • Reims Cathedral Forecourt
  • Reims Tramway II
  • The Vesle I

(24 photos)

Paris 2011


A collection of photos from January and February 2011, in and around Paris

  • Paris I — Inside the Louvre
  • Paris II — Louvre by Night
  • Paris III — Champs d'Élysée
  • Paris IV — Champs d'Élysée

(15 photos)

London — Contemporary Architecture 2011


The City of London visitor centre had a brochure with a walking tour of the city, highlighting a whole lot of contemporary architecture; the Gherkin is particularly well-known (and I’ve included it in a couple of the photos), but the city is full of new developments (plenty of building sites too), and it’s some really interesting architecture, especially beautiful when set against the City’s really old buildings too.

  • London II — St Pauls from One New Change
  • London I — One New Change
  • London III
  • London IV

(8 photos)

Soomin @ Walsh Bay


Small shoot for Soomin at Walsh Bay in June 2010

  • Walsh Bay I
  • Walsh Bay II
  • Walsh Bay III
  • Walsh Bay IV

(12 photos)

Same Sex Marriage Rally 2009


Attended the National Day of Action for Same Sex Marriage, 1August2009; we started with a gathering at Town Hall and marched to Darling Harbour to hold a mass “illegal wedding” outside the ALP Conference. The same day, the Conference delegates passed a resolution to remove the definition of marriage as man+woman from the ALP platform, but stopped short of recognising any sort of union.

  • Setting up
  • White Dress I
  • Official
  • White Dress II

(18 photos)

Surfers Paradise 2009


Spent a week in Surfers Paradise in April 2009. This is a document of a sun-drenched and ocean-encroached city.

  • Framing the Horizon
  • Many Rooms
  • Beachside
  • Building a New Era

(14 photos)

Wangaratta 2009


Big Howard family reunion weekend of 3-4January2009

  • Family/Meta
  • Obscuré
  • Little Cricketer
  • Illuminé

(11 photos)

World Youth Day 2008


Attended the main WYD events between 17 and 20 July 2008. Went to Barangaroo for the Pope’s arrival, Darling Harbour for Stations of the Cross, and out to Randwick for the Saturday vigil and again for the Sunday morning mass. Next up, Madrid.

  • Photographing the Crowd
  • Waiting
  • Singing
  • Crossing

(15 photos)

Melbourne and Environs


Taken between 9-12March2008 on a trip to Melbourne; shots from entry, from my explorations around the city’s streets and western fringe, from the NGV and from the Fitzroy Gardens

  • On the city fringe
  • Entering the city, I
  • Entering the city, II
  • Entering the city, III

(33 photos)



Taken around Torquay, Jan Juc, Bell’s Beach and Airey’s Inlet; 8March2008

  • Fenced off; Beginning the cliff walk
  • Gents
  • The Boardwalk
  • Fishers

(21 photos)

Chinese New Year 2008


A parade wound its way through Sydney for Chinese New Year on 10February2008; I caught some images of the various groups on the side streets waiting to feed onto George St, and some later as the parade neared its end at Darling Harbour

  • The Dragon
  • Stone Soldiers
  • Photographer
  • Lantern Bearers

(15 photos)

Sydney, NYE 2008


Midnight, 31December2007 to 1January2008; brought in the New Year at Neutral Bay with a view over the harbour; too dark to take “real” photos, but all sorts of beautiful colours in here.

  • Sydney 2007
  • Sydney 2008 - I
  • Sydney 2008 - II
  • Sydney 2008 - III

(20 photos)

The Soominch Collection, November 2007


Shot these over two sessions in November. The first four are from a shoot in Martin Place on the evening of 21November2007; there’s only a single outfit in those. The remainder were shot at Liz’s restaurant in Eastwood on 25November2007; there are five-and-a-half outfits in those (for the final one we only changed the top), including a repeat of the one from the Martin Place shoot.

Clothes by Elizabeth Chang.

  • Outfit I - 1
  • Outfit I - 2
  • Outfit I - 3
  • Outfit I - 4

(32 photos)

Cats, and Bird


Cat blogging! Mainly an opportunity to try the dSLR on different subjects. From 15-16September2007

  • Bird
  • Bird II
  • Cats
  • Cat and Bird

(5 photos)

The City In Lockdown


Went out shooting 8September2007, officially declared protest day for APEC. Walked around the thousands of cops lining Hyde Park and wandered along the fence at Circular Quay.

  • Police I
  • Police II
  • Protesters
  • Police III

(19 photos)

A Day in the City


Went out shooting the afternoon of 26August2007, to break in the new 400D.

  • The Coke Sign
  • The Cathedral
  • The Square
  • The Park

(25 photos)

The Roots


The Roots played the Enmore 10April2007, True Live played support

(8 photos)

Shooting Bombsites in Melbourne and Sydney


Shot over the space of a week in Melbourne and Sydney; 30Apr-4May2006

  • Melbourne: Abandoned Warehouse
  • Melbourne: Abandoned Warehouse
  • Melbourne: Enfogged

(7 photos)



Visited Barcelona Sep2-6. Explored the Barri Gotic, Barcelona’s ‘old town’ equivalent, which is built atop the ruins of the old Roman settlement, and houses the city’s cathedral. Also wandered around Montjuïc, where the complex for the Olympic Games was built.

  • Old Barcelona
  • Comtes de Barcelona
  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Barcelona Cathedral

(19 photos)

A Coruña (y Betanzos)


Visited A Coruña Aug26-28, with a trip to Betanzos Aug27. A Coruña is a big industrial town in Galicia, with a huge port and beautiful beach (and the weather was spectacular for bonus points). Betanzos is a small medieval hill-town, complete with thin steep streets; it’s recently expanded a great deal but most of the newer development is rather neglected.

  • A Cat
  • Coal
  • Docks
  • A Coruña

(10 photos)

Santiago de Compostela


Visited Santiago de Compostela Aug23-25. According to legend the cathedral holds the remains of the Apostle James, and has long been a pilgrimage destination. The city is the final stop on the famous ‘Way of St James’ pilgrimage, a walk along the north of Spain. The cathedral is in the beautiful medieval Old Town.

  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela

(7 photos)

World Youth Day 2005


Attended WYD2005 in Köln with an Australian group from Sydney. We spent a week on pilgrimage in France, then a week in Köln, with the final weekend spent at the Marienfeld, a huge agricultural field opened up for the occasion.

  • Rouen Cathedral
  • Rouen: Jeanne d'Arc
  • Lisieux: St Therese
  • Lisieux: St Therese

(14 photos)



Visited Versailles one Saturday evening; they open the gardens up, run all the fountains, have a few people running around in costume, and let off fireworks at the end of it all... Couldn’t take photos of very much because of the low lighting, but in the sunset it’s all very romantic

  • Versailles, Dusk
  • Versailles, Dusk
  • Versailles, Sunset
  • Versailles, And The Real World

(10 photos)

Touring With Family


Travelled with family through England and to Paris in late June - early July. This album includes photos from Old Sarum, Hampton Court, London, Winchester, Glastonbury and Paris. Some of our trips deserved dedicated albums.

  • A Building, London
  • Mum at Old Sarum
  • Natalie at Old Sarum
  • Fields

(17 photos)

Cornwall: Tintagel


Spent a couple nights in Cornwall in Boscastle, just down the coast from Tintagel. Tintagel is truely magical, from the little beach and Merlin’s Cave to the Dark Ages settlements and medieval castle atop the Head...

  • Boscastle Heads
  • Tintagel
  • Tintagel, Magic
  • Tintagel Head

(9 photos)

Arundel Castle


Visited Arundel Castle, home of the Dukes of Norfolk. It’s one of few castles to have been used both as a defensive castle and as a stately home (the family still live there), and with its constant use and extensions over the centuries, it’s exactly what a castle is supposed to be.

  • Arundel Castle
  • Arundel Castle
  • Norfolk Ensign
  • Arundel Castle

(8 photos)



Spent a day in Cardiff 22June2005, mainly visiting the Castle and wandering around the town

  • Cardiff Castle keep
  • Cardiff Castle
  • Welsh Ensign
  • Cardiff Castle

(5 photos)

Summer Solstice 2005


Spent the day before the Summer Solstice at Avebury, which was full of hippies preparing for that night. Was staying in Salisbury with Stonehenge just up the road so spent the night there with a crowd of 10,000. The only time of the year you can touch the stones; the atmosphere was truely awe-inspiring and I hope the images give some idea of what it was like.

  • Avebury
  • Avebury
  • Avebury
  • Avebury

(11 photos)



various sites around Wilton; Wilton House’s gardens are particularly beautiful, and ridiculously stereotypical -- they’re often used to shoot period films

  • Non-Conformist Church
  • Wilton House
  • Wilton House
  • Wilton House

(5 photos)

Paris Part 2


A day in Paris, 15June2005

  • Sacre Coeur
  • Sacre Coeur
  • Notre Dame

(3 photos)

Reims, Festive


A couple separate events from May and June; the city likes to throw a festival and show of its history. In the first case, the anniversary of the German surrender in 1945; the second, the Fetes Johanniques, centered around Joan of Arc’s successful entrance into the city and the crowning of the Dauphin, but really just a big ‘medieval’ event.

  • Reims, decorated
  • Reims, decorated
  • Reims, decorated
  • Le Feu de Saint Jean

(4 photos)

Pamplona (y San Sebastian)


Was in Pamplona Apr17-21, with a day in San Sebastian the 19th.

  • San Sebastian
  • San Sebastian
  • San Sebastian
  • San Sebastian

(10 photos)



In Bilbao Apr13-17... Beautiful city, in a strange urban/rundown sort of way - old town, then industrialisation, then mass production, &c... Everything sort of tacked on to each other (buildings/infrastructure), and so many different environments in a really small space (filmmaker’s heaven!)

  • Spain on Approach
  • Bilbao
  • Bilbao
  • Bilbao

(25 photos)

Paris Part 1


My first trip into Paris, April 3rd. Photos at the Louvre and elsewhere

  • Outside the Train
  • Outside the Train
  • Outside the Train
  • The Louvre

(25 photos)

Around Town


Shots from around Reims... A few funky night shots, some with snow, some more recent as it’s been warming up... Added more from end March

  • Snow, Cathedral
  • And Champagne
  • Lanson
  • Reims by Night

(20 photos)

Chez Moi


My studio in various messy states; check out the extremely ugly wallpaper and tiling

  • My First Coffee
  • My First Coffee
  • A Home-Cooked Meal
  • Setting Up

(9 photos)



From my visit to London Feb 17th. Some shots round the city and at the Tower.

  • London (in Fog)
  • London (in Fog)
  • London (in Fog)
  • A Rat

(11 photos)



Everyone’s seen Stonehenge so this is relatively short (compared to the dozens of photos I have of it on my laptop). Went walkabout in the general area as well

  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge Environs
  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge

(6 photos)



Visited Bath Feb 15th...

  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath

(7 photos)

Sarum, Old and New


a little hill and valley that’s been housing people for thousands of years... Oh and one of the biggest Cathedral spires anywhere, ever...

  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum

(9 photos)



Visited Oxford Feb13th... A couple interesting museums, lots of old stuff, and some amazing architecture

  • University Museum, Oxford
  • University Museum, Oxford
  • University Museum, Oxford
  • Pitts River Museum, Oxford

(10 photos)