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25Mar2004 [personal]

Been out of it for a while - back at uni means everything's very chaotic, add to that all the web work I've been hit with and I can't find the time to develop my own site.

While I was at it I reinstalled Gentoo Linux on my laptop - using kernel 2.6.4 and KDE 3.2.1 - probably about 36 hours of compiling in all that, but now I'm really getting the most out of the old P3 800... Best of all, KDE seem to have really benefited from their work with Apple on the Safari browser, and you can see the Mac design ethic all-over the new release.

Promises: adding a new section on web programming and design; adding a portfolio of sorts - aided by a Flash project I'm working on for uni; trying for some Flash enhancements; rewriting in compliant XHTML and CCS2

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