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28Jul2005 [personal]

Added a proper upload system for the top banner image, so now the 'Wintermute' title is added on upload rather than on display, meaning no more need for the nasty CSS hack, and it will appear correctly in all browsers... And while I was at it I added another dozen images, so you'll see some appearing at random if you move around the site

And a couple days ago I quietly added a search box over on the right... Type in a query and hit Enter; it's currently searching all ?bits posts, but when I have my articles in the database it'll search those too... The search is boolean, which probably doesn't mean a lot to people, but it means you can use signs like + and - to specify words to include or exclude. As well, the default is to search ANY words, so a post will appear if it only has one of the included words; but you can put use the + sign to force them all or use quote marks to catch "a whole phrase"... And finally, if a word appears in over 50% of the posts it is ignored in the search (so 'a' or 'the' won't return any results)

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