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Home Again

14Sep2005 [personal]

Finally made it home last night -- just in time to get some essentials from the supermarket too. The flight wasn't delayed which was a pleasant surprise (though we sat on the tarmac waiting for takeoff a little, we still got to Paris in time). David dropped me off at Heathrow on the way to work in the morning, meaning I was hours early for my flight (probably could have caught the earlier flight if I'd known it were possible). Sat in a coffee shop for 'breakfast', checked my bags in and went for 'lunch' in another. Getting out of Charles de Gaulle worked real easily; waited another half an hour for a train to Reims; made it home for dinner. I'd bought a few books a couple days earlier, including a rather trashy thriller-y thing for just this occurence, The Rule of Four, which I knocked off just short of Reims in the train.

So now I'm home after five-and-a-half weeks, I can finally respond to the backlog of emails, and slowly catch up on Perplex City and various blogs. More updates and various photos forthcoming...

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