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Settling In, And A Withdrawal

02Apr2007 [personal]

In which I am reconnected, the final stage of making the house a home.

Well, back online, at last... Took nearly a month - most of that time was taken doing absolutely nothing, which was made all the more ridiculous at the end - once I got put on priority it took like 5 days to get completely hooked up... Problem was getting Telstra and Optus to communicate; I guess that's something we have to put up with in a society that can't decide if it's socialist (where the govt control Telstra for the good of the nation) or capitalist (where Telstra do what they want to make their money)...

Being reconnected feels like the final stage of getting settled in to the new place, though the reality of having done it is barely sinking in... I've not really done anything dramatic, but I keep walking around utterly amazed at my surroundings. I think I love Sydney like I love Paris, which is a really good place to be in.

Has been strange though. Moving out keeps reminding me of the only other time I moved out, and I keep thinking about life in Reims. I walked up to the cathedral for mass last weekend, just as I did numerous times in Reims. Tonight, walking home from work, it was the first night I've noticed the darkness (DST having ended a week ago), and I found myself thinking, excitedly, Here comes winter, and with it, Christmas. Except that it's not like that here.

Currently working on the monologue for my final video project - will have more up here soon. But for now:

"A light has been extinguished, and we see them - angels and demons walk amongst us."

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