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Appreciations in Two Parts; or, Things I Miss, Or Don’t

28Jan2006 [personal]

Having been back in Australia just over a week, I've been thinking about the differences between there and here, before and after, Australia and France... My old life and my new (old) life.

There are things I already miss, and there are things I like about being back. In the balance, I do feel that I'd rather be over in Europe, but I certainly needed to move on from what I was doing hanging around Reims. Plus, I came back to Aus to finish my film degree, and that's definitely something I want to be doing... though maybe not just yet

So, I'm writing two lists, one pro-France, one pro-Australia... Though really, they're not just about France and Australia, they're about two different lives. And in no particular order:

Appreciations the First: France

Appreciations the Second: Australia

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