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31Dec2006 [personal]

In which I try roll over the website while everyone else rolls over midnight

Was about ready to release a rebuild to the web when I realised I wanted to add a 'scripts' app, which may take a little time.

Have basically rebuilt the entire site in Django, with significant additions to the photos setup - I'll now be storing a bunch of metadata in the database and in the photo files, plus I'll archive the original (full-res) files. Managed to keep the ?bits and articles (?film and ?myth) sections fairly similar, meaning data migration should be easy enough - just have to add a bunch of slug's to the bits to get the new URL formats working... Unfortunately the photo rewrite means I'll have to re-upload every photo and re-create the albums (and map the old album IDs to the new ones so I don't break the internets).

There are a few minor tweaks to be made and I'll start on the migration; perhaps tonight while people are out celebrating the rolling over of another midnight I'll try roll over this site...

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