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10Jul2005 [personal]

Back home now; supposed to be working on my latest UTS assignment, so of course, I'm getting a few website updates done! I've scrambled up the interface, it looks nicer, should read better, and I'm hoping Google reads it better (rather than giving the SAME site summary for every individual page) -- and on that, Google seems to have finally indexed my site a little better; haven't had to use SiteMaps yet, and I don't want to if I can avoid it!

The holiday was great, but I'm glad to be home (it was weird saying goodbye to family who will be back home in Australia soon, but personally wanting to be 'home' in Reims!) I'll have some more details and some photos up sometime (depends whether I keep procrastinating or not). I also shot a bunch of video, none of which anyone would want to see (just experimenting with the camera really)... I want to get some good footage at World Youth Day still though, and it'll help to have a feel for the camera.

The list of things I want to implement on the site has only grown longer and more horrible, so I'm not really going to make any sort of promises! Hopefully I'll let the interface sit for a while now; that'll give me some time to change some of the back-end features... And I'm still thinking about switching altogether to WordPress -- I love using a homegrown, but it's getting unwieldy and will need a rewrite anyway!

And finally, I've meant for a long time to keep a record of the movies I watch, as I see way too many, much of which is trash, but I want to be able to locate interesting bits... So I'll be adding a 'movies' category to ?bits soon, and possibly a 'books' one too. The internet is already full of shoddy reviews, so these'll probably be kept pretty short.

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