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20Jun2006 [personal]

Have just completed my 7th day of nine-to-five (well, 9-6 actually)... It really is awful. Was fortunate though: managed to knock off early a couple of times, had the public holiday last Monday, and got enough work done that I don't need to go in tomorrow... Which is particularly lucky as four days straight was bad enough; I didn't think I'd be able to handle a whole Monday to Friday week...

I've been working at Gruden, a web design and development company in the city who do an impressive range of work. I've just been a web grunt - coding some html templates that will later have ColdFusion plugged into them. Terribly easy work that I couldn't do for too long without brain rot settling in, but one of few skills I have that people will actually pay me for... And a great place to work - great atmosphere, and I was really impressed at the quality of their work (too many "web designers" being rather clueless)! So hopefully there'll be a bit more with them in future.

I love the idea of being able to take work on contract for a couple weeks, then spend a couple weeks working on my film projects... It's now uni holidays (all seven weeks of them!) and I hope to spend the next month cutting a couple films out of all the footage I shot last year in Reims, in England, and on World Youth Day. I've also got to come up with some film concepts to work on next semester - The Journal of Paul Hunter has become a little too involved to shoot as a student film (and really, I'd like to see it done right), so I've either got to cut it down or come up with another idea that I can shoot. I'm probably taking another writing elective so will be able to develop a script properly; plus I have a development subject that will act as pre-production for my final film.

And... With tomorrow off I may have some more to post here; I haven't even posted a media consumed this week entry because I barely watched or read anything!

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