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25Feb2006 [personal]

Have been feeling strangely disconnected lately. I've been back for over five weeks, but don't feel like I've settled. Doesn't help that we're moving house this weekend. So I returned to 'home', but with the knowledge that it wouldn't be home for very long, and that it had changed. There are now only three kids living at home (of five), part of the reason why we're moving to a (much) smaller house, a three-bedder. Uni kicks in in a couple days as well, which might come as a shock to the system, having been hanging around and not going to classes for some time now... Once I get setup at the new place and into a new routine I expect my feelings will change, but for now, I'm completely disconnected. Disconnected from home, family and friends, and the rest of the world -- haven't been keeping up with a lot of websites I was reading, haven't kept up with the news as much as I'd wanted to...

I knew it'd be a shock to the system coming back here, but this is just weird - there's no real emotion attached, I'm not even connected enough to do that much. I think my head has to get used to some new frames of reference.

And am about to be literally disconnected too: we're trying to get ADSL2+ at the new place, but it'll take at least a couple weeks to setup, meaning very little internet connectivity in the meantime. Will be able to check emails and that's about it.

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