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08Apr2005 [personal]

Got a new webhost... You shouldn't notice the difference though - for now the 'new' site is still loading the subsectioned like the old one did... In a cpl days the new DNS record will have propagated (meaning the entire internet knows where to find me) and I'll move everything properly over to - the best part of this is that google will find me properly...

Hosted with, which has to be better than a free ISP site, gives me almost 8GB of webspace, allows for hosting 15 separate domains, hundreds of emails.... Lots of room to move and experiment.

I've also bought the domain (which is just a copy of wintermute for now), there's a cpl others I have my eyes on

And finally, I've been scouring the site making it all conform to web standards - the CSS is definitely standard, and the XHTML framework is standard; best of all it works in Firefox AND IE!

There still might be a couple ?bits posts that aren't standard yet... Gonna have to write a script that explores the database for errors...

UPDATE: Migration is now complete. The main difference you'll see is that the address bar changes when you follow links - before it was hidden within the frame. Things should keep working the same as before though; let me know if anything appears broken...

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