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Photos with location clouds

23Apr2007 [personal]

In which I give prominence to the places from where I’ve taken the most photos

Just finished work on a nice little cloud thing for my photos/locations/ page. I've been slowly leaking bits of the locations stuff online, tweaking it as I go. It's at a cool place now so I figure I can draw attention to it. Click through there and you'll get two different tag clouds - one for countries (by their three-letter IPTC code) and one for cities. The idea with such clouds is that the size of the words changes to reflect the number of objects - in this case I've taken the most photos in France and England, and by city, in Reims and Paris.

Whether you're viewing a country or a city, you'll get a paged set of photos (10 to a page, thanks to Django's ridiculously easy from django.core.paginator import ObjectPaginator). And all the URLs are hackable, so you can work your way back up the chain (remove the city part to get the country, eg). Plus each country view has another cloud for just its cities.

This is why I took my time setting up the photos app properly - 'cause once you've got metadata to work with, there's no limit where you can take it... This gives me lots of opportunity to experiment.

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