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21Feb2006 [personal]

Have dumped my RSS2 feed in favor of 100% Atom 1.0. Support for Atom has gotten to the point where I think that's feasible -- I've only kept the RSS feed around because Atom wasn't quite widespread enough, and more importantly, Akregator's support wasn't up to scratch. Akregator still doesn't parse Atom entirely correctly, but I'm tempted to dig into the code and see if I can't change that.

So, I've deleted the rss2.xml file and added a 301 Redirect to bits.atom. Hopefully when feed readers come looking they'll get the Atom feed automatically (though it'll probably throw up some duplication errors). If you're subscribed to my feed, check that it's the bits.atom address and change it manually (any properly coded feed reader should automatically change it, but most of them aren't properly coded).

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