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Updates: Everything Has To End

08Jan2006 [personal]

Have just finished editing my filmic flânerie and written the piece to accompany it. Am going to render the video this evening and send the whole project off express tomorrow. It took a lot more work than I expected, but it's also turned out much better than I expected. I have absolutely no idea how it will be marked; I hope at the least I get a Pass just for handing something in. I can't think of anything glaringly obvious missing so that shouldn't be a problem... The video ended up at 15 minutes, which I was secretly aiming for, but hadn't wanted to commit to anything so that a 5 minute film wouldn't seem short. I'll get a copy of it online, but can't commit to a timeframe; see next paragraph.

Am heading to Bruxelles from Tuesday to see James Blunt and stay a couple nights, having not been there before. We get back to Paris on Thursday and are staying there another couple nights, one last Aussie hurrah... We'll be back in Reims on Saturday, Sunday for lunch with a local couple, then two days left to close everything down (am expecting to skip the country on a couple bills). Am back in Australia in under two weeks!

Further, I'm returning my Freebox tomorrow, meaning no more high speed internet! I should have basic dailup access for a little longer, so will be able to check emails. But I'll be cutting off the home phone soon too and just using the mobile for the last couple days.

Have gotten over most of the trepidation and am now somewhat excited. The break in England was exactly what I needed. It was really restful, let me take a break from the old routines. Now that I've returned I've deliberately avoided going back to my old habits (mainly cos I've gotta wean myself off the internet!). And it let me think about things differently, so having returned I was ready to get this project done (having lost all semblence of inspiration and creativity in the last few days alone in Reims), and I am, finally, ready to go home.

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