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Dumping Core

11Dec2005 [personal]

Ok, brain is full, desperately need to dump core to make space... Been doing lots of reading, thinking about all sorts of disparate issues, and lots is happening in the real world, prompting further random thoughts. This means I'll throw out a bunch of ?bits entries (makes up for running dry over the last week), though I can't promise all of them will make it past 'preview' mode...

  1. Australia and Blogs (updated: warning: long essay)
  2. US-Centrism; or Locating the Blogosphere (admittedly related, but somewhat tangential to the above)
  3. The GYM and Portals
  4. Film-maker, Artist, Geek, Prophet
  5. Concluding the year, Introversion, &c.
  6. Hack to disable that annoying Flickr Badge
  7. Mysterious Packages Part II

I'll update this post as I add the above, though there's a good chance the more introspective topics won't go up just yet, they probably need a bit of time

And in a slight change that most readers won't even notice: I changed ?bits=blog to ?bits=personal, because what I do isn't a blog, and I don't really like the word anyway. I'm going to have to throw up a site map of sorts just to explain the different areas anyway, but 'personal' is a descriptor that makes a lot of sense.

Edit: no longer going to post the Flickr badge hack separately, as it will be near impossible to Google anyway, so am putting it here

Anyway, a number of sites are starting to include a rather irritating 'Flickr Badge', a small Flash app that loads images from the owner's photo album. What's annoying is that it won't sit still, constantly calling new thumbnails from Flickr. So I wrote a little hack to get rid of the thing. First, copy and paste the following code into a new text file:

/* block that annoying flickr badge! */  
div.zg_div { display: none !important;}

Save the file as something like userStyle.css, or flickrStyle.css. Then in your web browser preferences/settings, find the 'accessibility' section. The locations vary from browser to browser, but you're looking for something that allows you to specify a 'user stylesheet'. Select the file you just saved. (After restarting) The browser will render the flickr badge invisible on any site with the standard flickr code. (The possibilities of user-defined stylesheets are actually quite extensive; I'd always thought of them as things to specify a different font and color; I'll be sure to report back any other little convenient hacks here anyway)

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