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Paris and Coffee

02Oct2005 [personal]

Normally when Paris and Coffee are in the same sentence nauseatic convulsions result. But this is a rare exception: Le Molière on Rue St Honoré in the 1st, next to Les Halles. The best coffee I've so far had in Europe, and rivalling some of what we get back in Sydney -- Dad had a couple coffees and was impressed when the second was as good as the first (not just one-off-lucky). Note that I must follow-up any claims about European coffee with the qualifier that I've not yet been to Italy, where coffee is apparently much better (though honestly I wonder how it could be good in one country and not spread to the others). The quality of French coffee was further attested to by the huge queues at various Starbucks!

Was also good to catch up with Dad for a couple of days, in circumstances I'd only dreamed about -- being away from home, and in a completely different culture, and in some small way being the 'local'. I don't normally feel any older than when I left school (so it feels weird that my second brother is already graduating), but actually having some experience to share (on the WYD trip and this weekend) is hitching me over that.

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