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20May2005 [personal]

Been doing some more coding on the site, much of it you can't actually see, but _very_ soon I'll have some visible stuff available - the main one being a replacement for the Flash banner which is rather boring and unnecessary (plus I've caught the 'standards' bug which is a little hostile to frivolous Flash bits ;)). The replacement consists of the 'Wintermute' title overlayed on a bit of a photo - at the moment it's picking at random from about 10 photos, but I'll add more as well. So every time you reload the page you get a new picture at random... Had a bit of trouble getting it to work in IE cos they don't support PNG transparency, but there's a neat little hack that works without breaking standards nor any other browsers, as long as the IE user has DirectX installed... I'll have the details up on here soon -- and on that I'm also moving the ?myth/?film/?webprog sections and currently trying to write a php/xml content management system-thingy... Hopefully will be up soon

Spent the last few days doing updates on the computer; now I'm running KDE 3.4 which is kinda cool, made perrtier by X.Org's 'Composite' extension, which gives me translucent windows! I keep the 'active window' looking normal, but the inactive ones go half-invisible, which lets me layer them and watch a few things at once (eg, I'll leave a chat window or a terminal on top and read through it to the web). And Gentoo have gone to the effort of splitting up the KDE installation files - one used to have to install ALL of KDE's multimedia applications just to use one of them, but now I can pick the few proggies I use regularly. It took a while to switch the old laptop over to the new setup, but it should be easier to upgrade in future, which makes it easier to bear the fact that KDE 3.4.1 comes out in a few days (which I didn't know before I started the days of compiling!)

Meanwhile in Reims, French classes are finished; exams finish this Wednesday; I'm in the process of sorting things for my next Carte de Sejour appointment (in July - hoping to have things ready mid-June so I can nick off to England); only have to write another methodology thing for UTS and I'm all finished till the end of September!

And finally, a rather random, but funny linky: "I like the idea that picking a parenting style is essentially the same as picking your character's alignment in Dungeon's and Dragon." (check out the associated diagram in the post)

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