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Mysterious Packages

03Dec2005 [personal]

Couple of days ago found a DHL sticker on my letterbox, saying they'd tried to deliver a package. Had absolutely no idea what it was, so I jumped onto their website and tried the Tracking function, but the number was rather messily handwritten so I wasn't getting any results. Called them up the next day to arrange a delivery, number was still no good, so gave my name and address. Still couldn't find anything in their system, or perhaps just wouldn't tell me, as I couldn't say where it had come from (maybe Australia, maybe England)... The woman on the other end then gave up on French and spoke English instead, but to no avail. Eventually I left my mobile number so the courier could call when he arrived, as my door/intercom thing doesn't work (I don't normally take deliveries, I just pick them up at the post office).

By this stage my ARG-playing brain is working overtime, coming up with theories as to what it could be... It had been my birthday, but this was a couple weeks later already. Eventually got back on the DHL site and tried some variations on the tracking number, eventually finding it (what I thought was a 4 was actually a 1!). The package had come from London, making me think it must be something Perplex City/Mind Candy related. Also discovered that the courier had attempted delivery twice previously, the first time over a week before! But had either not bothered leaving a slip, or it had been peeled off by someone else in the building (rather strange to leave the thing stuck on the outside of the letterbox instead of slipped inside!).

Anyway, having no idea what the package even was, let alone when it was coming, I forced myself to get up rather early in the morning, not wanting to run downstairs half-dressed/-asleep. Eventually arrived soon after midday. Turns out it was a bottle of Stormhoek Shiraz, that I'd completely forgotten was coming. I'd signed up (a couple months ago) for a free bottle over on gapingvoid as part of a promotion for 'French bloggers' (neither of which I particularly identify as, but why not). I'll be trying the red with our Christmas dinner early next week (St Nick's), and will report back.

As a nice conclusion to the whole saga, today I received a letter from Mind Candy saying there's a package on the way.

I just hope they sent it by post and not courier.

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