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01May2005 [personal]

Got my latest UTS assignment finished in time... We had to select a sociological research method and do a mini-test-run thing with it... So I did a (focussed) Media Analysis on the May29 Referendum on the European Constitution... Wrote nearly 4000 words when they only wanted 2500 so had to cut one section and big chunks of the others. The Director's Cut is available online... First half is critiquing the method (I've done three years of humanities at UTS, as if I couldn't rip sociology to bits!), 2nd half is various observations on the handful of magazines I read...

Most amazing thing about this extremely boring assignment: before I started, I had no idea which way I'd vote if given the chance... Now I'm a staunch Non supporter... The 'constitution' (which is really a bunch of rules tacked together in treaty form) is a joke, and the way the French government has said 'vote for this or you're stupid' is even moreso!!!

Mmm... well while I was updating, I also put my First Impressions project up... I wrote it on the French attitudes to local and foreign film. We were sposed to pick something about the culture that 'stood out' but the French really aren't that strange (!) so I did it on film given it's my area of study and I wanted to stay kinda connected to the scene... Didn't do very well in the end (I'm too used to cultural studies subjects!) but I was pretty happy with it...

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