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07Mar2006 [personal]

As promised, I've made some changes to the styles on this site. There are three alternate stylesheets available: the black and white 'fountain', the stormy 'arundell', and the mysterious 'henge'. Over on the right is a little box headed '?style', where you can click on a thumbnail to load an alternate style (it'll take a few seconds as it fetches the file and the new header image, and the browser renders the page again). I've tested the function with Konqueror, Firefox and IE6, so it should work for most people (though it needs javascript). Some notes on functionality:

I currently have henge set in my browser, as it looks spectacular...

Finally, this feature allows for more than just switching colours and a header image... It's going to take some work, but I should be able to modify the layout entirely, eg, to switch from two-column to three-column layout, or to hide certain navigation options, &c...

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