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Rebirth, or Reinvention

11Dec2023 [personal]

In which I enter a new decade, and invent a new me

Pool-side in Fiji

A couple weeks back I turned 40. Took a few days off, stayed at a resort, something I never thought I’d do, but turns out the low-stakes relaxation is just what I needed.

A couple weeks prior I released a refresh of this website, switching to a static built thing (11ty!) after years of running on Django and paying for a VM to stay active when I almost never actually wrote anything new.

For the last ~9 months I’ve been in long-overdue therapy, also something I long thought I wouldn’t do.

At the start of last year I quit my job and went freelance, getting in just before burn-out hit, and using the time to focus on the things I enjoy about my work. I’ve loved working on lots of different projects, but I’m almost ready to go full-time again, maybe for someone else, or kicking off a startup (whether a consumer thing or something that elevates and focusses the consulting game).

These things are all related.

Men will literally <insert something complicated and/or absurd> instead of going to therapy

^ That was me for a while. Figuring out I’m not a man kinda helped me figure out I could actually go to therapy.

How much of this new re-birthed me I share in public I’m not sure of yet, but after years of keeping me/them hidden I’m ready to write and publish again.

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