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12Oct2005 [personal]

At last, I've transferred to using the database to hold my longer essays (they were previously flat text files). You'll notice the difference if you click the ?myth link under ?articles on the right (still don't have anything in ?film and ?webprog, but hopefully now that I'm setup I can add things a little easier). Each of those pages list the available articles with a short description -- these sections are supposed to be for longer essays or just things more specific than little ?bits.

Aside from being cleaner and easier to manage, the best side-effect is that the ?articles are now search-able. For example, type 'arthur' into the ?keyword box on the right and hit enter -- you'll be presented with a page listing the ?bits entries and ?articles containing that word -- so my essay on the King Arthur movie comes up as well as the ?bits posts in which I referred to it. Note that the ?keyword box works best for a _single_ word, so 'king arthur' isn't so pointed, returning posts that have just the word 'king' in them... If you know any advanced Boolean operators though, they do work -- so you could type in +king +arthur to force both words. In any case, a single keyword should be enough to find anything on this little site.

Well, now that my system can handle it, I've uploaded my latest ICS project: a Visual Analysis of a mural made for the 60th anniversary of the Nazi Capitulation in Reims -- bits on European and French identity and propaganda... At ?myth=7maimural.

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