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Attempting Reconnection... Failed

06Mar2006 [personal]

Abort, Retry, Fail?_ R

After returning from the year of In-Country Studies, one hits a 7-8 day mark when reality sets in, and with it, a sense of loss... It's happened to all the ICS students I've spoken to; suddenly one realises that this isn't another holiday, and one really is back in Australia, back at home, back at uni or some sort of real life. That wonderful year and that wonderful proximity is over, gone... Since then I've been feeling remarkably disconnected.

But it gets worse... The family has moved house, and I've just hit the 7-8 day mark... So now I've got to put up with that bizarre sense of loss all over again, and it still makes no sense.

I've been trying to distract myself lately in an attempt to reconnect with the world. As you can tell from this site -- I finally post again, and this is my third for the day. Plus a redesign, and there's more coming. I've got this castle one up, the old versailles fountain shot is still around (but hidden for now) and there's an awesome looking stonehenge stitch-up I'm working on. I'm going to add a style-switcher too, and try get it working in both IE and modern browsers. (Anyone using IE at the moment is missing the transparent image behind the intro box up top, making it rather difficult to read, and the Stonehenge header uses lots of transparency, thus looking absolutely awful in IE).

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