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03Feb2006 [movies]

My conclusion: Winterbottom doesn't have the brain for science fiction. On the surface, there's no doubt that this film is sci-fi. It's certainly trying hard to be Gattaca. And I get the impression that the film is informed by a history of science fiction films - there's plenty of City of Domes in there for example. But... it's just not science fiction. It's a film set in the future, and using that as an excuse to explore an interesting what-if, but going about it wrong and without the science.

Also interesting was the use of language in the film. The characters spoke mostly English, but dropped words in French and Spanish in there. It had a clever Europe of the future feel, but given it was set mostly in China, and sounded really forced, was a bit too pretentious.

All told, an interesting idea, not a bad story (if rather predictable), but not particularly well executed.

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