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What I Want From the Future

08Dec2005 [wishlist]

This started life inside my head as a gadget wishlist, but it relates to a few other things. Anyway, for starters, I want a 'chatter' device, a Perplex City 'key'... I want a phone-slash-PDA-slash-media-player, with always-on net connectivity. In short, I want one device that does:

But... There's something wrong with the market: we have the technology to make such a device, but there's a bizarre idea that business people want phone and email, or that home users want phone and (needlessly glitzy) multimedia, but barely anyone links all the things together. I don't want either... Oh and worse, because 'home users' want those annoying flashy-but-useless phones, the alternatives are marked way up just because they're for 'business'. Bah

And finally, thinking bout this one got me thinking about some of the other things I want... And top of that list: I want to be able to sit down and read a newspaper. I read plenty of news and blog feeds, and I can handle the _occasional_ podcast (though normally not a fan as I can't skim over them anywhere near as easily as text). But for reading _local_ news, have to go with something on paper... Same goes for the TV news for that matter. I've spent the year away from Australia, and it's really hard to keep up with the news there: reading the news online is just like any other news source anywhere else in the world, meaning that I'm not able to focus on the 'local'. But if I get a paper in front of me it's much easier to skim headlines and get an idea of what's going on in that part of the world...

Sometimes all this technology just doesn't give me what I want.