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06Oct2005 [myth]

The Times Online reports on a new document on scripture released by Catholic Bishops in the UK with the terrible headline "Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible". Along with the ridiculously misleading "no longer", the article tries to contrast the "timely" document, "coming as it does amid the rise of the religious Right". It then goes on to talk about literal creationists and criticise fundamentalism... The most annoying thing there is that tendency to lump Christians of all stripes together.

But it gets worse, dropping the obligatory Galileo reference: apparently all Galileo's problems were because people were interpreting the Bible literally -- if only it were that simple; but I've _never_ seen reference nor heard the Bible used to suggest that the earth is literally at the centre of the Universe!!

Utter nonsense, but of course, the underlying message: if the Catholic Church can backflip on a longstanding tradition of literal Biblical truth, then it might also change on longstanding opposition to (insert politically-correct cause du jour)...

Source: Times Online UK 5Oct2005

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