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23Jul2004 [myth]

You'd think that only 12 years after going to war with a country, and barely more since the US gave them WMDs, we'd keep better tabs on that country. Yet now, the Flood Report in Australia and similar inquiries in Britain and the States are finding that intelligence was inadequate, incomplete, and flimsy at best.

The intelligence 'failures' in regards terrorist groups are more understandable, but I thought there'd have been spies all over the Middle East. Now they're saying not enough people even knew Arabic! (And "only 4 per cent of DIO's analysts had a foreign language"!)

When America was threatening to invade Iraq and trying to convince the world Saddam had WMDs, I knew the intell they were showing wasn't convincing, but didn't think they'd be so stupid as to push for war without knowing a lot more than they wanted to say!

SMH 23Jul2004

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