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I don’t HATE Microsoft

28Oct2005 [myth]

I'm rather ambivalent towards Microsoft... Past experience has taught me not to use Windows until they prove otherwise. And I don't use Office as I just don't need something that powerful, so free software like KOffice does exactly what I need... But then, I see something like Xbox360, which looks spectacularly designed, and well-integrated into other offerings (particularly, but potentially Media Center as well), and it makes me want to get back to MS just for the integration...

For now though, I don't need what MS integration offers, and I really will only go back to Windows (and thus Media Center) after lots of playing around to make sure all the little annoyances are gone... (Yes, that's not really fair, but it comes down to branding really, and the Windows brand is seriously weakened)

I think I'll definitely get an X360; I signed up for a gamercard on today even though it'll be a few months till the console is even available in Australia

And these videos are part of what did it: Xbox360 and, both with Larry Hryb (MajorNelson) on Channel9

Oh and related: I think that's why Apple doesn't particularly attract me: the 'integration' they offer is limited to iPod/iTunes and its variants. And I don't want an iPod, and I don't want the limitations of iTunes. But on Linux, I can interact with both MS and Apple machines, plus I can work with whatever hardware I want...

That's integration on my terms

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