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13Apr2006 [myth]

Saw James Blunt perform at the Hordern Pavilion last night. It was impossible for him to live up to what we had turned his Brussels performance into, but still amazing.

James Blunt, Hordern Pavilion, 13April2006

I love to feel the power when a crowd gets behind someone, and it was picked up on a couple of occasions: once when clapping out a particularly militaristic beat; singing along to Goodbye My Lover and actually sounding amazing; and when watching the home video footage from Kosovo during No Bravery the crowd was completely enraptured.

James Blunt, Hordern Pavilion, 13April2006

At one stage, Liz, unable to see, turned to me and asked, What is he doing? I couldn't answer; all I could think was, Becoming a god.

These photos were taken on the new Nokia 6280 and on night mode; aside from being rather speckly they look alright

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