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26Apr2005 [myth]

got to a point where i've got to say something bout Benny XVI (Seize)... In short, I think it's excellent that we have someone "strong" in charge. Should qualify that, as I've no doubts about JPII's leadership... But for the last few years ppl (/media/liberals &c) have been able to look at JP2 and say "he's just a kind/gentle old man" (generally falling for the US-president-style 'the Church is One Man', and identifying that 'One Man' incorrectly). Now however, they see Ratzinger, a guy who doesn't seem to have any qualms about hitting where it hurts. Ppl may even start to realise that it's the Church that decides things, not simply the dude in charge...

Couple interesting articles/blog entries:
"Why I don't want to be a priest" :: some interesting notes on the women's ordination issue, plus she talks about how the Church can't just go changing dogma...
And The Pope is Still Catholic :: kind of funny really, again about how the Church can't go changing things according to the latest polls

In short, the Catholic Church is Not a Democracy... We're supposed to examine what the Church says on an issue, and if it doesn't match up with what we thought, we find out why, we can't just assume that with 2000 years of Tradition and the guidance of the Spirit they got it wrong (and if you don't believe in those ur missing the point of the Catholic Church)

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