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25Apr2004 [myth]

I've noticed the issue of adoption come up a few times lately, and I realised: it's interesting that we/society tells mothers it's OK to kill their children, but not to 'give them up'. The grief suffered by mothers forced to adopt out their children is a driving factor, but no one worries about the mothers who had to have abortions - it's justified (to them and to us) by saying that they're not really human, or they're no different from a blob of blood cells. Mothers are fooled into believing it's just another part of their own body, making abortion a 'routine operation', when there are hundreds of parents around the world willing to adopt children because they can't have kids of their own.

You'd think the grief would be easier to cope with when adopting out to a loving family than killing off an unwanted child - but the latter is denied and the former is victimised!

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