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Woo! Drink Good

03Aug2005 [myth]

I knew it... Apparently regular/moderate alcohol is actually good for you. Moderate drinking was defined as 14 to 28 drinks per week for men and 7 to 14 for women.

"An Australian National University study of 7000 people has found those who drink in moderation have better verbal skills, memory and speed of thinking than those at the extremes of the drinking spectrum. ....[They] also seem to be healthier, physically and mentally"

The study compared people who drunk not at all, moderately, and excessively, also looking into physical health, social lives, &c, and found that the moderate drinkers (admittedly in Queanbeyan and Canberra) were better thinkers (while sober) than the others.

Now I'm usually able to rip statistical studies to bits, but I like these findings too much to do so.

Source: 3Aug2005

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