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09Nov2004 [myth]

No wonder Catholics form center parties...!

Now not only have 2 Coalition invaders been restored, they've done so with an increased majority! Both the Libs and the Republicans now control both houses; scary. What's worse is that the Left failed miserably to capitalise on Iraq, instead giving those majorities to the Right on a silver platter.

In Australia, I knew the Libs would win - federal government has never changed hands without an economic recession; but Labor just made things worse - going after 'aspirational voters' while attacking the very things they were aspiring to - eg private schools, and completely missing what's being called "the swing to the right", but is really a revival of Christian values.

Anyway, I thought the Democrats had a better chance, what with Bush (dobeliou) having presided over increased unemployment, economic downturn &c. But nope, the Left made the same mistakes - pandered to trendy intellectual elites while completely missing the middle-class majority with largely Christian values. And all the while abusing voters for the other side instead of presenting a positive campaign.

The geniuses in the media are pointing to some (very weak) stat about 'moral values', as though it came from nowhere to win the election. Interesting that the fact that groups that traditionally support the Dems (Catholics and Hispanics) swung to the right because of Kerry's anti-life stance has been almost completely ignored.

What bugs me is that the trendy lefties are stereotyping these 'moral values' folk (in the States and Australia) as bible-bashing evangelical Creationists... And going on to paint any Christian as such

So as I said, it's no wonder Catholics form center parties - we're opposed to abortion, gay marriage &c, but also have a strong sense of social justice, with many Catholics opposing the government's refugee policies and the invasion of Iraq.

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