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22Oct2005 [myth]

Excellent comments on the state of broadband in Australia over on Bleeding Edge. The Americans think they've got it bad when an average broadband (DSL) connection is only 1.5Mbps; which they (rightfully) attribute to monopolistic practises. ...But in Aus the government-controlled monopoly maxes out DSL connections at 1.5Mbps (well below the theoretical limit), and has only just got around to approving ADLS2/+, and there are already suggestions it is imposing arbitrary limits there too, in order to maintain its business broadband monopoly. There are occasionally signs that things are changing, but with the Financial Review claiming that Australia now has a good level of broadband penetration I'm increasingly pessimistic. As reported by Bleeding Edge, the AFR is proud of 10% broadband penetration, which is the level Iceland reached back in 2002, and worse, broadband in Australia is defined at _much_ lower speeds than overseas (ie, near anywhere in Europe or the States it would be _illegal_ to call the entry-level offerings from Bigpond and others 'broadband')

Source: Bleeding Edge 22Oct2005

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