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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

06Oct2005 [movies]

Saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas last night. I'd heard about it and had been meaning to see it for a while, then while checking the TV guide looking particularly for movies in English I stumbled across Las Vegas Parano. All I knew about the film was that Johnny Depp was in it, and I'd heard it had something to do with Hunter S Thompson. Was constantly surprised by recognisable faces - Benicio del Toro and a number of smaller cast members. And right at the end discovered it was directed by Terry Gilliam. A great team!

The entire movie was Depp under the influence of various drugs, and was remarkably trippy -- but actually internally coherent -- consistency not something I usually expect from drug films... And the half-way point in the movie worked really well - Depp/Thompson reflects on his generation in the 'middle-60s' and how they were going to change the world. Even better, the same ideas came up at the end of the film for some nice storytelling balance. (Too often the half-way point is that void into which the screenwriter and director cram anything out of sheer desperation)

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