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Jazzy Mix Parts I & II (Beats and Blues)

01May2004 [music]

Part One (Beats)

Alicia Keys Harlem's Nocturne
The Roots ft D'Angelo The 'Notic
Rob Dougan Nothing At All
Reverence Contemplation
Everlast The Greatest
Rob Dougan Drinking Song
Alicia Keys Feeling U Feeling Me
Alicia Keys Slow Down
Salif Keita Tomorrow
Martin Tillman Odessa
Rob Dougan One And The Same (Coda)
Outkast ft Norah Jones Take Off Your Cool
Lakasha I Feel Blue
Alicia Keys Never Felt This Way
Jurassic 5 Swing Set
Rachid Taha Barra Barra
Buckshot LeFonque Some Cow Fonque (More Tea, Vicar?)
Outkast Favorite Things

Part Two (Blues)

Pink Floyd The Great Gig In The Sky
Gary Jules Mad World
Emiliana Torrini Gollum's Song
George Breathe In Now
Ben Harper Touch From Your Lust
Norah Jones Seven Years
Ben Harper Amen Omen
Matthew Herbert Big Band Cafe de Flore
Norah Jones Above Ground
The Whitlams Fall For You
Adam Alexander Talk of Funny Days
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Norah Jones Nightingale
Annie Lennox Into The West
Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-7)

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