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In which a child-like innocent opens the eyes of humanity […]

IE6 and 7 on OSX


In which I run IE 6 and 7 on OSX; the entire process using free software […]

WYD 2008


In which I photograph a crowd, but can’t bring myself to join it […]

World Youth Day 2008


Attended the main WYD events between 17 and 20 July 2008. Went to Barangaroo for the Pope’s arrival, Darling Harbour for Stations of the Cross, and out to Randwick for the Saturday vigil and again for the Sunday morning mass. Next up, Madrid.

  • Photographing the Crowd
  • Waiting
  • Singing
  • Crossing

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Not The Mobile Web, just A mobile web


In which I’d prefer the web on my mobile to the mobile web […]



In which all that lingers is her scent […]

Getting Lost in Victoria


In which I explore Torquay and Melbourne, and attempt to capture some of Victoria with light and glass […]

Recent Media Consumption — February and March


In which I consume hours of media in a short amount of time, and rediscover television […]

Chinese New Year 2008


I went out shooting back on 10February2008 (Chinese New Year 2008. The annual Ch […]



It's important to note that *Rendition* is an American story — the Arabs present […]

Melbourne, Je t’aime


In which I fall in love with another city […]

Melbourne and Environs


Taken between 9-12March2008 on a trip to Melbourne; shots from entry, from my explorations around the city’s streets and western fringe, from the NGV and from the Fitzroy Gardens

  • On the city fringe
  • Entering the city, I
  • Entering the city, II
  • Entering the city, III

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Taken around Torquay, Jan Juc, Bell’s Beach and Airey’s Inlet; 8March2008

  • Fenced off; Beginning the cliff walk
  • Gents
  • The Boardwalk
  • Fishers

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Chinese New Year 2008


A parade wound its way through Sydney for Chinese New Year on 10February2008; I caught some images of the various groups on the side streets waiting to feed onto George St, and some later as the parade neared its end at Darling Harbour

  • The Dragon
  • Stone Soldiers
  • Photographer
  • Lantern Bearers

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The City Reborn


In which I sense Her imminent return, and their downfall, and the truth of the tale outside of time […]

The Night Before Christmas, or, Why I’m Buying a MacBook Air


In which there’s something in the aether. […]

7-13January2008 :: This Week


* bought and am listening to Andrew Bird's *Armchair Apocrypha*; after last week […]

1-6January2008 :: This Week


* re-watched *The Transporter*; entertaining, and I like the not-too-stylised fi […]

Sydney, NYE 2008


In which the pretty colours make the fireworks worthwhile, and in which I shoot in near darkness […]

Slouching Towards Bedlam


In which first they come for the communists […]

Sydney, NYE 2008


Midnight, 31December2007 to 1January2008; brought in the New Year at Neutral Bay with a view over the harbour; too dark to take “real” photos, but all sorts of beautiful colours in here.

  • Sydney 2007
  • Sydney 2008 - I
  • Sydney 2008 - II
  • Sydney 2008 - III

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