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Sydney, NYE 2008

03Jan2008 [photography]

In which the pretty colours make the fireworks worthwhile, and in which I shoot in near darkness

More photos! — Sydney, NYE 2008

Sydney 2008 - VII

Brought in the New Year at a friend's place in Neutral Bay, with a beautiful view across the harbour. The NYE fireworks aren't normally something I go for, but with the promise of a night drinking with friends, the fireworks were thrown in for free. Suspected too that the dSLR would let me take much better fireworks photos than I've ever been able to with mere point-and-click cameras, and I was right. The album has a range of images, some chosen for their stylistic quality rather than because they're a good photo, but there are some of those too. And a beautiful range of colours.

With the camera out for midnight, I took a few photos of people too; it's way too dark to get a "real" photo, but some came out really well — there's plenty of blur because people were moving around in the second or so it took to expose the image, but there are enough interesting pieces in focus and within the depth-of-field to make them worthwhile.

NYE 2008 - IV

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