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11September-5November2011 :: These (Riding) Weeks


Have dropped running in favour of riding (a fixed wheel exercise bike) a few tim […]

Nas — Nasty


Great new song from Nas; it's *raw*, the production stripped back to its bare es […]

21August-10September2011 :: These (Running) Weeks


Seem to have successfully returned to regular running, with at least three hits […]

7-20August2011 :: These (Winter, Returned) Weeks


These weeks were *Watch the Throne*, *Blackout*, *Game of Thrones*, *Blade*, *Mu […]

The Last Ten Thousand


In which the final chapters seem larger than those that came before […]

24July-6August2011 :: These (Early Spring) Weeks


These weeks were *The Quantum Thief*, *Me And Orson Welles*, *Captain America*, […]

Critiquing Reality TV


I love just the implication that one could offer a critique of something like *J […]

3-23July2011 :: These (Hong Kong) Weeks


*(From a week ago)* The last few weeks have been awfully rushed, something of a […]

26June-2July2011 :: This (Cordless) Week


This week was a step into a future without cables, *X-Men: First Class*, *Les Di […]

12-18June2011 :: This (SydFilmFest) Week


This week was *Beats Rhymes & Life*, *Target*, *Date Night*, *All About Love*, * […]

19-25June2011 :: This (Canberra) Week


This week was *Black & White & Sex*, and *Zombieland*, book-ending a trip to the […]

5-11June2011 :: This (Last) Week


This week was *X-Men: First Class*, *Troll Hunter*, *Cults*, *Sleeping Beauty*, […]

Sleeping Beauty


Julia Leigh’s *Sleeping Beauty* prompted a few responses, but the thing that cam […]

Raphaël — 19thC Book II Chapter I


"Here it is, sir," the boy announced at the door, his grubby hands clinging tigh […]

29May-4June2011 :: This Week


This week was *Sum*, *River of Gods*, *Hard Candy*, and a couple of articles in […]

22-28May2011 :: This Week


This week was *The Pink Panther 2*, *The Private Lives of Pippa Lee*, a couple […]

15-21May2011 :: This Week


This week was *Silkwood*, *Evening*, *Mahler 9*, *Trinity*, *Robin Hood*, and *A […]

8-14May2011 :: This Week


* Went to *Mobile Monday Sydney*]( "@MoMoSyd on Twitte […]

On the PlayBook


In which no-one knows how to sell a future-device […]

1-7May2011 :: This Week


* Watched *The Rocky Horror Picture Show* (imdb * Finished](/bits/2011-04/17apri […]

24-31April2011 :: This Week


* A shortened work week, with no reduction in work, of course, so things got too […]

17-23April2011 :: This Week


* picked up the iPad 2 * been reading Bram Stoker's *Dracula*, and pleasantly su […]

Not Too Big; Not Too Little; The Goldilocks Device


So I bought the iPad (2) at the beginning of this week; some observations follow […]

10-16April2011 :: This Week


* Watched half of *Paris Vu Par* (imdb; it's a collection of shorts by various […]

3-9April2011 :: This Week


In which I read and watch and listen, and wonder about genre […]

Le Flâneur


Gorgeous video of Paris from Luke Shepard; composed entirely of photographs; cap […]

27March-2April2011 :: This Week


* Offically changed my job title this week, with the arrival of new business car […]

On Chatter and What Matters


In which I wish to discover the information that matters most to me […]

‘Sucker Punch’ and the Decline of Strong Woman Action Heroines


Sady Doyle has an interesting article in The Atlantic, *'Sucker Punch' and the D […]

20-26March2011 :: This Week


* Watched *Of Gods and Men* (*Des Hommes et Des Dieux*) (imdb; it is, though, we […]

Big K.R.I.T. — Dreamin’


Cool vid from Big K.R.I.T.; nice beat over some smooth soul samples: (or wat […]

10-19March2011 :: This Week (and a bit)


Herein, comments on the various media consumed since leaving London up until ye […]

Travel Log VIII


Arrived home yesterday morning; starting the decompression process with a wrap- […]

Edinburgh 2011 — A Dream in Masonry and Living Rock


Robert Louis Stevenson described the city as “a dream in masonry and living rock”; the quote seemed apt as I wandered the city’s streets for a few days in early March 2011, everywhere the influence of the mountains and their exposed rock and the dark local stone that looks so different to the other western European cities I’m used to.

  • Edinburgh Steps
  • Edinburgh Castle I
  • Edinburgh Hub
  • Edinburgh Castle VI

(28 photos)

Travel Log VII


* My time in Paris is coming to a close, and I'm once again finding myself ticki […]

Paris 2011 Part II


A few final photos from Paris, late February 2011

  • Paris XVI — St Sulpice
  • Paris XVII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XVIII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XIX — Canal St Martin

(7 photos)

Reims 2011 — A City That Never Was


Revisited Reims in February 2011; snapped photos of a few familiar sights, and many unfamiliar, the city going through a process of renewal that tries to establish a false history for itself.

  • Reims Tramway I
  • Reims Cathedral Forecourt
  • Reims Tramway II
  • The Vesle I

(24 photos)

Travel Log VI


* *A writing-focussed entry, this is an exceptionally weird piece, but as will b […]

Paris 2011


A collection of photos from January and February 2011, in and around Paris

  • Paris I — Inside the Louvre
  • Paris II — Louvre by Night
  • Paris III — Champs d'Élysée
  • Paris IV — Champs d'Élysée

(15 photos)

Travel Log V


* Writing continues apace; I've so far killed off one character, given another d […]

Travel Log IV


* writing is going well; I'm able to turn out over a thousand words even when I' […]

Travel Log III


Have been in London just over a week, but had very sporadic internet access whil […]

London — Contemporary Architecture 2011


The City of London visitor centre had a brochure with a walking tour of the city, highlighting a whole lot of contemporary architecture; the Gherkin is particularly well-known (and I’ve included it in a couple of the photos), but the city is full of new developments (plenty of building sites too), and it’s some really interesting architecture, especially beautiful when set against the City’s really old buildings too.

  • London II — St Pauls from One New Change
  • London I — One New Change
  • London III
  • London IV

(8 photos)

Raphaël — Outline I of VI


The book I'm writing is divided into two parallel stories — one in the 19th cent […]

Travel Log II


* In Salisbury to catch up with cousins, and for a little downtime to get myself […]

Travel Log I


Made it to London a couple of days ago — in time for a quiet New Year's Eve — an […]