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Recent Media Consumption — February and March

29Mar2008 [weekly]

In which I consume hours of media in a short amount of time, and rediscover television

February and March saw a whole lot of media consumed; first the movies:

I've also been getting into television — I don't have a TV at home, so it's all on DVD or from the internet — and I'm completely sold on watching batches at a time, I can't wait a week between episodes; it started with Rome last year, when I realised that well-written TV actually had something going for it — you can explore a lot more over the course of a season than you can in a movie, and the episodic storytelling has a certain art to it.

And finally, picked up some new music recently, so I'm listening to and loving all of:

On the reading front, I keep picking up extra books (have just started Iain M Banks' Matter), but have only managed to actually finish The Life of Pi; it's my fault, not theirs, that I haven't completed any books in a while.

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