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Soominch Fashion Shoot


In which I am a fashion photographer […]

Recent Media Consumption


In which I consume, to varying degrees, various media […]

The Soominch Collection, November 2007


Shot these over two sessions in November. The first four are from a shoot in Martin Place on the evening of 21November2007; there’s only a single outfit in those. The remainder were shot at Liz’s restaurant in Eastwood on 25November2007; there are five-and-a-half outfits in those (for the final one we only changed the top), including a repeat of the one from the Martin Place shoot.

Clothes by Elizabeth Chang.

  • Outfit I - 1
  • Outfit I - 2
  • Outfit I - 3
  • Outfit I - 4

(32 photos)

Raphaël — Origins


In which a dreamed legend is born, in that realm between sacred and profane […]

Broken Cinema


In which a rogue computer spoils the movie going experience […]

War & Politics


In which I despair of politicians […]

Cat Blogging


In which I photograph much smaller subjects […]

Cats, and Bird


Cat blogging! Mainly an opportunity to try the dSLR on different subjects. From 15-16September2007

  • Bird
  • Bird II
  • Cats
  • Cat and Bird

(5 photos)

The City In Lockdown


Went out shooting 8September2007, officially declared protest day for APEC. Walked around the thousands of cops lining Hyde Park and wandered along the fence at Circular Quay.

  • Police I
  • Police II
  • Protesters
  • Police III

(19 photos)

The City In Lockdown


In which I walk the long way around protesters, police lines, and labyrinthine wire fences, snapping images as I go […]

A Day in the Life of the City


In which I break in the new dSLR […]

A Day in the City


Went out shooting the afternoon of 26August2007, to break in the new 400D.

  • The Coke Sign
  • The Cathedral
  • The Square
  • The Park

(25 photos)

Crises of faith


In which I put an end to the crises of small-f faith, and realise that, being in the right environment, my Faith doesn’t waver anymore […]

Try Before You Buy


In which my music piracy is justified […]

Green is a Status Symbol


In which I refuse to be distracted by the dallyings of the idle rich. […]

Phi (Jade Cut) now online


In which I finally release the five episodes of Φ, collected from around the internet of 2008 and made available at […]

iTunes, Now With Added Freedoms


Apple recently released a number of songs under the banner of "iTunes Plus". Ind […]

Random on Windows


In which I am baffled by the mystery that is Windows, and once more wooed by the ease with which one can make Python work, even there […]

Weeping for a Film


In which I shoot a film overnight and watch another too-emotional film while still chemically imbalanced […]

This is one reason so many long-time Unix nerds have found themselves so happy using Mac OS X


Read this comment in a footnote over on John Gruber's latest epic](http://daring […]

Photos with location clouds


In which I give prominence to the places from where I’ve taken the most photos […]

Now ETagging Right!


In which I stop fighting the framework and let Django handle ETags the right way […]

The Roots, Live at the Enmore


In which my head stops ringing long enough to appreciate an amazing live performance. […]

The Roots


The Roots played the Enmore 10April2007, True Live played support

(8 photos)



In which I wonder just whose politics got into *300* […]

Settling In, And A Withdrawal


In which I am reconnected, the final stage of making the house a home. […]

Taking Her Offline


In which I put the new site online, and take the iMac offline […]