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Four Cities


In which I photograph Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Sydney Harbour […]

Sydney Harbour 2013


after travelling in October 2013, took a ferry to Manly and rediscovered the beauty of Sydney Harbour

  • Harbour I
  • Harbour II
  • Harbour III
  • Harbour IV

(4 photos)

Hong Kong 2013


Visited Hong Kong in October 2013; amazed by how much it keeps changing

  • Development I
  • Development II
  • Development III
  • From the Peak I

(12 photos)

Shanghai 2013


Travelled to Shanghai in October 2013, and fell in love with the city; it’s a beautiful mix of styles, and a remarkably liveable city, with great civic spirit

  • The Bund I
  • The Bund II
  • The Bund III
  • The Bund IV

(25 photos)

Jungle City


In which the City reveals Herself to me, with a beautiful and terrifying vision […]

Singapore 2013


Travelled to Singapore in Sept/Oct 2013; an amazing Jungle City, all about the coexistence of the island jungle, the changing climate, and precarious engineering

  • Memorial I
  • Memorial II
  • Memorial III
  • Alien Superstructures

(31 photos)

Take Care, x3


All three, beautiful in their own way. I’d been looping either the Drake or the […]

Vivid — Lighting the Sails 24May2013


This year’s lights on the Opera House aren’t quite as good as last’s, but still lots of beautiful colours and the play of light; tried out the new camera to also play with light

  • Vivid — Press Play
  • Vivid — Before the Light
  • Vivid — Light of Sound I
  • Vivid — Light of Sound II

(17 photos)

An Australian Faerie Tale


In which the Dreaming is being undone, and remade […]

A Scifi Prologue


I’ve been trying, recently, to write more fiction, something that’s difficult t […]