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Getting Lost in Victoria

14Apr2008 [photography]

In which I explore Torquay and Melbourne, and attempt to capture some of Victoria with light and glass

Two new photo albums! Torquay (and environs), and Melbourne and Environs.

Split Point Lighthouse, II

Back in early March, Dad's family (mostly Victorians) took a (Victorian) long-weekend and much of the following week down in Torquay. Being New South Welsh we had to work that Monday, so the plan was just to take Friday off to fly down there and spend Saturday and Sunday with family out at Torquay. But having tripped down to Victoria I felt like taking a little more time, so took another few days off work and spent Monday-Thursday on my own in Melbourne.

Down to the beach, II

Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing and exploring the coast. I wandered down the cliffs to Jan Juc, and we drove down to Bells Beach and to Airey's Inlet. Bells is incredible — this beach just carved out of the bottom of a cliff — the beach itself drops into the sea really rapidly.

Entering the city, I

The next few days in Melbourne were my own; Monday was something of a write-off, being a public holiday and in the high thirties, so I explored Crown Casino and took in a movie. Crown is still a modern casino, so some tackiness is unavoidable, but it's worlds ahead of Sydney's Star City, which isn't somewhere I'd want to hang out, ever. The next few days were all coffee, shopping and drinking, a trip to the NGV, and lots of time spent wandering the streets — still my favourite way to get to know a city, and enough to have me fall in love, all over again.

A Strategy to Infiltrate the Homes of the Bourgeoisie

Plenty more photos in the two albums:

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