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The Roots, Live at the Enmore

14Apr2007 [music]

In which my head stops ringing long enough to appreciate an amazing live performance.

The Roots

Saw The Roots at the Enmore on Tuesday night. Was an amazing show, and far better than when I saw them at the Hordern a couple years ago. The Hordern is just a massive empty hall, while the Enmore is a theatre - a much more intimate space, and really suited to the band's performance.


They played most of their latest two albums (Game Theory and The Tipping Point), but also a number of much older songs, which was really cool. Seeing You Got Me performed (and extended dramatically) was a really special experience - if anything can be said to have been an influence on my life, it's that song.

True Live

True Live played before The Roots; they were very cool. An interesting little group - a cellist, a double bass, a violin, a keyboardist playing lots of synth strings, and the lead rapper. They're talented musicians and have a really smooth sound when the lead is flowing. At one point the cellist played a solo with lots of classical sounds in it - was very cool to have a hip hop crowd bouncing along to classical. Am going to have to look these guys up.

More photos in the album.

All these photos were taken with my phone camera, so they're rather unattractive at times; plus, strangely, the camera would occasionally decide to take the pictures really small. Does make me want to get a really good stills camera, but it's hard to beat the convenience of having a camera in something I'm already carrying everywhere...

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