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The Prophetess

26Sep2006 [film]

Our hero's story 'begins' when he, somehow, finds himself at the wrong end of a dark alley... (The theory is that the City Herself led him there)

At the end of said alley he is panicked; he's not entirely sure how he even got there, let alone if he's in any immediate danger (he isn't)

Suddenly a door opens and a strange nun summons him inside. The room is a makeshift chapel. It is tiny, like inexplicably small (probably so the City can move it around as She pleases). And it is really brightly lit, even though the only visible light sources are candles.

The nun offers him a drink, sits him down (there's only enough room for one person to sit), starts to talk nonsense. This nun reveals that she is a prophetess of the City; and that She has a message for our hero. His friend is in danger; the people he's hanging around with aren't good news.

Our hero, who until now has been humouring the woman, gives up and leaves, but not before she tells him that there was something in his drink. He will now see the truth, as revealed by the City Herself.

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