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The City

20Nov2005 [film]

The Silence of the City overwhelms me

Lost. Stumbling. The Silence of the City overwhelms me. Without Her sounds I am blind. I cannot feel Her rhythms, cannot see the flow. Stumbling from the pavement, ejected onto the street.

Follow the road. Like an artery; the flow has to be here.

Flashes of sound and light. I touch my finger to the pulse and it is gone again.

Flashes of sound and light

The city taunts me; offers me a glimpse: "All these things I will give you, if you fall down and worship me".
Assimilate; become a part of the crowd; access knowledge never imagined.

But I cannot return to that. Though I lust for the knowledge of the City, I cannot return to Her arms.

I have been there before.
This is my story

I cannot return to Her arms

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