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Shooting Bombsites in Melbourne and Sydney

13May2006 [film]

Going Nowhere

Went to Melbourne with the family a couple of weekends ago. I took the video camera to get some footage for an experimental film I'm putting together this semester. Got really lucky: Sunday morning The Age carried an article on 'Melbourne's bombsites', abandoned properties that were just falling apart and, well, making the city ugly. So I wrote them down and trammed around to shoot a couple. The best was this abandoned warehouse; didn't feel like jumping the fence but walked all around it and shot plenty of footage.

Melbourne: Waterfront Melbourne: Abandoned Warehouse

A week later I took the camera through Pyrmont to get some more footage: lots of work sites, train lines, empty streets. Snapped a few nice photos while there. Pyrmont's really been done up in the last few years though; it wasn't as run down as I hoped; but it does make me want to live in there, it's a beautiful area.

Sydney: Going Up Sydney: Closed

There are a few extra images in the album: Shooting Bombsites in Melbourne and Sydney

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