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Untitled Vampire Short :: Treatment

Written for Screenwriting at UTS, this is the short I hope to shoot early next year for my final project; had to knock together a treatment so this is a rough story outline; it doesn't give a very good idea of timing but the story elements are all here; Sam and Jeunet are currently ungendered

Short Film Opening Scenes :: Vampire/Hunter

Also for 'Writing for Performance'; had to write the first couple minutes of a short film. This was written intending to develop it into a longer piece.

The Vampire’s Story


The story of the Vampires cannot be told. Their history cannot be contained i […]

A Vampire Lore


The vampires, with their cousins the werewolves, represent two extremes of human […]



Snapped this of the windows across the street from the Red Cross Blood Bank i […]

Untitled Vampire Short :: Treatment


Just uploaded a treatment](/film/thom_treatment/ "?film :: Untitled Vampire Shor […]

The Prophetess


Our hero's story 'begins' when he, somehow, finds himself at the wrong end of a […]

Phi (Jade Cut) now online


In which I finally release the five episodes of Φ, collected from around the internet of 2008 and made available at […]

Raphaël — Origins


In which a dreamed legend is born, in that realm between sacred and profane […]

The City Reborn


In which I sense Her imminent return, and their downfall, and the truth of the tale outside of time […]

Raphaël — Teaser


In which a young man returns to protect the City he loves, and cannot escape his past […]

Raphaël — Outline I of VI


The book I'm writing is divided into two parallel stories — one in the 19th cent […]

Raphaël — 19thC Book II Chapter I


"Here it is, sir," the boy announced at the door, his grubby hands clinging tigh […]

The Unseen City


The Story > > In early 2011, finding myself drifting and in need of a b […]

An Australian Faerie Tale


In which the Dreaming is being undone, and remade […]

They cannot go back


In which a dreamer wakes, a world emerging […]